UTMN student from Syria wins International Language Competition

Student life 12 February 2021

First-year Linguistics Major of Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dima Ismail (Syrian Arab Republic) received a Third Degree Diploma at the Second International Russian as a Foreign Language Online Olympiad.

Dima heard about the Olympics from her friends. At first, she was nervous to partake in the competition but they encouraged her to participate.

The student admits that the tasks of the Olympiad were difficult. Participants needed to analyze texts of various functional styles, and afterwards comprehend the main idea, the plot as well as the details. All tasks required a deep knowledge of the Russian grammar. It was not an easy feat, but Dima suceeded. Dima admits:

- I can confidently say that I fell in love with the country and the city. I love Tyumen. I feel comfortable here; people are very kind, adequate and help foreign students. I am proud that I am getting my degree at the University of Tyumen, because it gives me the opportunity to participate in many Olympiads, events and conferences. Develop as a professional of my field.

Dima Ismail plans to continue studying at the University of Tyumen after she gets her bachelor's degree. She wants to get a postgraduate degree and then work in her field here.

- I’m hoping to stay in Russia and build a career here. Even if I return home after I graduate, my love for the Russian people will make me return.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications


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