UTMN Students Present Their Projects on the Development of the Educational Environment

Student life 5 October 2017
The #EdCrunch International Conference on New Educational Technologies has taken place in Moscow. As part of the conference, the Ministry of Education and Science's priority project “Modern Digital Educational Environment in Russia” was presented and discussed. The event was organized by the MISIS National University of Science and Technology and the Rybakov Foundation. 

UTMN was represented at the event by students Alexey Poltavets, Natalia Derevesnikova and Artem Berezkin. At the strategic session, they shared their vision on how online education technology in Russia and the educational environment in general should develop

Working in groups, participants developed their project on the educational environment in Russia in the next 5-10 years.  

“We decided that the educational process should be focused on the relevance of the knowledge obtained and personalization,” said UTMN student Artem Berezkin. “We find it more useful to highlight the skills obtained rather than the subjects studied on the degree certificate, as this information is more important to a potential employer. Currently, the boundaries between universities are blurring and a student can study, for instance, calculus at any university due to online technology”.      

According to Natalia Derevesnikova, the time spent at the conference was not wasted. With speakers from France, Great Britain, and the USA, the event encouraged the international collaboration needed to solve current problems in global education. 

“We discussed educational trends, brought our own vision of academic freedom and online courses to life through our projects and talked to people interested in developing their universities. Also, we learned lots of new things from those who have already contributed to the modernization of educational processes and are still working in that sphere,” said Natalia. 

The conference was devoted to the development of not only higher education, but also secondary education and corporate training. There were 5 venues, each devoted to a specific problem.

EdCrunch is the most relevant conference on education in Russia. The organizing committee was wise to invite international experts ready to share their experience. At the conference, it became clear to me that the educational process will become even more personalized in the future and won’t be limited to the lecture theatre,” commented Alexey Poltavets.   

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/studencheskaya-zhizn/446042/


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