Lev Manovich, USA

Testimonials 26 November 2018
UTMN students and staff now have an opportunity to work with Lev Manovich, a new media theorist, creator of the concept of Cultural Analytics, Director of the Software Studies Initiative at the University of California, San Diego.


"Some of you heard me talk about my new lab in Tyumen. It is happening! We are part of the UTMN Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities directed by Igor Chubarov. Our new large-scale project carried out in this new lab represents a significant departure from Cultural Analytics work I have been doing for last 10 years. The new project will test new methods for mapping and analyzing contemporary culture worldwide. The city of Tyumen is a perfect base for this work because it exemplifies the new stage of globalization in 2010s — cutting edge culture now exists everywhere, and often the "provinces" are ahead of the "centers" in pushing this edge," said Lev Manovich

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