Center for Regional Reference Books

Center for Regional Reference Books


Gennadii Zaitsev, PhD 

tel. (3452) 45-51-04




Creation of regional encyclopedias and reference books which are of value to academic staff in higher and secondary educational institutions, students, scholars and for everybody who is interested in local history and historical and cultural regional studies.

The significant results of the activity

  • The staff of the Center is about to publish two reference books – the encyclopedia of the Yamal region and the encyclopedia of University of Tyumen.

  • Carrying out work upon the systematization of unique data, the scientists rely on the experience of regional encyclopedias of UTMN Research Institute.

  • The UTMN Research Institute published a number of highly sought encyclopedias, such as “The big encyclopedia of Tyumen”, encyclopedia of autonomous regions “Yugoria” and “Yamal” and “The encyclopedia of Ishim”.


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