Research Center of the Institute of Finance and Economics

Research Center of the Institute of Finance and Economics

Research Center of the Institute of Finance and Economics

was established in June 3, 2013.

Director: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Davydenko 


Tel.: (8) -912-07-77-697 


Fields of activities:

  • Support and coordination of the projects developed at the Institute of Finance and Economics;

  • Economics, Management, and Sociology of Regional Development;

  • Contemporary issues of Regional Social, Ecological and Economic systems;

  • Modern global challenges, the competitiveness of the socio-economic systems and social responsibility of the business;

  • Sociology of Vocational Education and Social management;

  • Support and development of scientific schools at the Institute of Finance and Economics;

  • Social and Cultural monitoring of the Regional development;

  • Effective modern models for entrepreneurship and providing the competitiveness of Social and Economic systems;

  • Safe and stable development of Social, Ecological and Economic systems - the sociology of vocational education and social management.


  • Summarizing of the research experience and innovative work made by laboratories, centers, departments and other structural divisions within the Institute of Finance and Economics, University of Tyumen, and other Russian and foreign universities;

  • Organization and the holding of the academic conferences, scientific seminars, symposiums;

  • Organization and support of postgraduate education and doctoral studies at the Institute;

  • Monitoring the work of the departments at the Institute concerning postgraduate education process (the implementation of programs of post-graduate);

  • Organization of constructive joint activity with the research department of the Institute;

  • Providing organizational and informative support for at all stages of academic research;

  • Consulting with and providing methodological support for teachers’ and departments’ academic programs, competitions and grant activities within the institute;

  • Coordination of students’ research work at the Institute of Finance and Economics.

Completed projects:

"Development and testing the measuring methods of social capital as a factor of the regional modernization" (leader A.N. Tarasova);

 "Development the management techniques of an innovative region, based on the use of indicators of social and economic development and its testing with the example of the Tyumen region" (supported by the Federal Target Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia" for 2009-1013 years, leader G.F. Romashkina) ;

 "Interview with the agriculture producers of the Tyumen region, and its transcription" Humboldt University of Berlin (leader G.F.  Romashkina);

"Physical Education and Sport in the Tyumen region (a monitoring case study)" (leader V.A. Davydenko); "Youth policy in the Tyumen region (a monitoring case study)" (hands. Davydenko VA);

"Integral assessment of the regional development, based on the sociocultural monitoring materials" (leader G.F. Romashkina).

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