Student Scientific Communities

University of Tyumen Council of Research and Innovation Student Communities has been the winner of the Program of UTMN Student Communities Development "University is a territory of success".

In the framework of Student Communities Support various events are held: scientific and practicl conferences fir students and young researchers, educational training, collections of research papers are published. 

  • University of Tyumen SPE Student Chapter
  • Student Research Lab "Ecological Geochemistry"
  • Student Research Lab "Methods of new compounds synthesis in micro- and nano- conditions" 
  • Student Research Lab of organic synthesis and methods of compounds identification
  • Student Research Lab of soil zoology
  • Student Research lab of water quality control and soil fertility
  • Student Lab "Youth IT-center"
  • Student Scientific Community of the Institute of Philology and Journalism
  • Student Scientific Community "Ready to Work and Defense" at the Center of Recreational Physical Education  

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