Center for Biotechnology and Gene Diagnostics

Center for Biotechnology and Gene Diagnostics

Prof. Dr. Irina Pak

Tel .: 8 (3452) 07.24.64
Focus Areas:

The Center for Biotechnology and Gene Diagnostics works on the development of technologies to ensure the viability and biological protection of human and animal gene diagnostics. It also supports the manufacturing of new products based on innovative technologies and has developed a new engineering major titled “Bioengineering and bioinformatics”. 

Types of activity

  • Addressing the problem of animal leukemia differential diagnosis based on the restrictive and proteomic analysis;
  • The assessment of the whitefish populations’ gene pools stability from the Ob-Irtysh river and lake basin ecosystems; 
  • Development of genetic approaches to parasite-resistant animal population management;
  • Research on the RNA recombination mechanisms

  • The development of the technology for obtaining feed additives using microorganisms – protein producer.
Significant results 
Grants under the Federal Program "Scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia for 2009-2013.":
  • The development of genetic approaches to the parasite-resistant populations of animal management (Supervisor - Zhigileva O.N.)
  • The recombination suppression carried out by reverse transcriptase (Supervisor - Trofimov O.V.)
 Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology Fund’s grants:
  • The development of feed protein additive for increasing the productivity of farm animals (Supervisor - Trofimov O.V.)
  • The development of cattle leukemia diagnosis technology based on proviral DNA restrictive analysis (Supervisor - Harin A.N.)
  • The development of the production technology for immunomodulators based on microbial protein Candida maltosa Tm-12 (Supervisor - Rustamov R.D.)
Obtaining a grant under the Russian Federation Government Decree №220:
  • Ecosystems and water quality formation under anthropogenic pressure and climate change in Western Siberia (Pak I.V., Zhigileva O.N., Trofimov O.V.).
Other projects:
  • The molecular mechanisms of living systems stability (Supervisor - Pak IV)
  • The genetic structure of opisthorchis infested fish populations (Supervisor - Pak IV)
  • 7 populations of opisthorchis genetic structure (Supervisor - Pak IV)
  • Conducting researches and veterinary drugs production, ensuring veterinary welfare and cattle protection in the Tyumen region (Supervisor - Pak IV)
  • The research program for the selection of spore-forming bacteria with an increased production of exogenous NSP (non-starch polysaccharides), proteolytic, amylolytic and lipolytic enzymes (Supervisor - Pak IV)

Other results:
4 PhD theses were defended in 2012-2014. 

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