Center of Chemical Analysis and Substance Identification


Nikolai Tretiakov, PhD.


tel.:007 3452 297 627


Please contact:
Svetlana Volkova, chief engineer 

tel. / fax: 007 3452 29 75 74
tel.: 007 3452  297 627


Address: 15a Perekopskaya St.
625003 Tyumen 

The Center for Chemical Analysis and Substance Identification is a scientific organizational structure that provides specialized identification services for Tyumen scientists. With state-of-the-art, precise equipment (specialized diagnostic setting, measuring instruments, etc.) and a highly qualified staff, this center allows Tyumen scientists to carry out world-class research. 

Research Areas


Ecology and Environmental Management

Conducting scientific research

  • in developing methods for chemical monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of wildlife management (in the context of intensive development of the resources of Western Siberia)

  • in the field of control methods of high purity substances

  • in the field of oil refining and development of environmentally sound technologies of petrochemical synthesis.

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