Center of Functional and Teach-in Nanomaterials

Common-use center “Functional and Teach-in Nanomaterials"

   Sergei Udovitchenko
Head of the Center

tel.: 007 3452 542008

The Center is based on research laboratories of the Tyumen State University Scientific-Educational Center REC “Nanotechnology” as an interdisciplinary center for research and advanced training of elite experts in NBIC (nano, bio, information and cognitive) technology. Equipment SEC "Nanotechnology" was purchased under the federal target program "Development of infrastructure of the nanotechnology industry in the Russian Federation in 2008-2011".

Research areas:

  • Development of beam-plasma technology, development and research of new nanomaterials for nanoelectronics, including optoelectronics, and mechanical engineering
  • Development of trainee nanomaterials and electronic devices based on them to create a hardware-based artificial cognitive systems, as well as hybrid associative computing systems
  • Creation of nanocomplexes for construction of the architecture of corticomorphic artificial neural network modeling the organization of associative and motor cortex columns
  • Development of integrated circuits based on trainee memristor semiconductor nanomaterials for associative new generation computers, neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Prototyping motherboards based on memristor chips that are compatible with modern computer architecture and connected with computer devices using a bus of data as a universal associative coprocessor

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