Center of Structural Analysis of Natural Objects and Nanosystems

Common Use Center ‘Structural Analysis of Natural Objects and Nanosystems’  

Prof. Dr. Oleg Andreev

tel.: 007 3452 453797

Research areas:

  • Production technology and processing of new materials in macro and nano states
  • Physical and chemical analysis of natural and technical systems
  • Analysis of constructional materials
  • Phase transitions used in the technologies of production of constructional materials
  • Development of new technologies of constructional materials
  • The mineral composition of the core of oil and gas fields
  • Changes in the composition of the cores after chemical treatment of the bottom-hole area
  • Construction of phase diagrams of the new systems
  • The setting of new X-ray characteristics of new inorganic compounds and decoding of the compounds structure
  • Reporting of new data of inorganic compounds to International database

 Please contact:   Andrey Elyshev

tel.: +7 904 463 1144

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