Engineering Center

Engineering center is a TSU pilot project for creating and developing engineering centers on the premises of Russian universities that have entered the top-10 chart of Russian universities.  

The project’s implementation is projected to take about two years, during which the Ministry of Education will allocate 100 million rubles, 40 million of which in this year alone. 

The center is provided with the most advanced technological equipment in order to create new high-technology productions. 

Engineering companies often completely supervise and support the engineering project plan, showing private sector integration within the new structure of the university. 

A major project within the Engineering Center involves creating composition materials based on the compound of tungsten and rare-earth elements. 

Tyumen State University scientists will have to define the analogues of the imported products which contain composition materials based on these compounds, develop new types of similar compounding materials and organize their production in the engineering center as well as in the actual economic sector.

TSU scientists have been conducting related scientific studies since 1979, and research success even encompasses the creation of the common use Center of Structural Analysis of Natural Objects and Nanosystems. This Center received high-technology equipment and consists of highly skilled personnel, graduates of TSU.

Two PhD and 20 Master’s theses on the topic of rare-earth elements’ compounds have been defended so far. For the last few years TSU employees received patents to create new means of manufacturing rare-earth elements’ compounds, for the first time more than 50 inorganic compounds have been synthesized. The data about these compounds is presented to the international database PDF.  

In 2015, advanced and highly specialized equipment will be purchased for the TSU engineering center, which will be put both to specialists’ and TSU students’ use.
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