Economics and Legal Regulation of Business

SCOPE: 2 years  
Mode of study: full-time.
Number of weeks: 104  

CLASSES: 34 weeks  
Practice: 9 weeks  
Research: 24 weeks  

CREDITS: 120  

The program is launched at the Institute of Finance and Economics  jointly with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Administration in the University of Lorraine, Metz. First Master's degree students graduated in 2013. Both universities award a degree of Master of Economics.The amount of the program graduates is 38.

French coordinator of the program: Pierre Tifine, Professor of the Public Law of the University of Lorraine, Dean of the with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Administration.

UTMN Coordinator:

Лиман1 фин.jpg  

Prof. Irina Liman, Dr. of Economics

Head of the Department of Economical Theory and Applied Economics

of the Institute of Finance and Economics 

Tel.: 007 (3452) 29-76-41


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