Institute of Distance Education


Sergey Tolstoguzov, PhD
Director of the Institute of Distance Education

Address: 23 Lenina st., Tyumen  
Tel.: 007 (3452) 59-76-79 
Tel.: (free-of-charge in Russia): 8 800 200-77-11


About the Institute


Institute of Distance Educationis a structural unit of University of Tyumen that offers higher and advanced level education. Latest teaching technologies combined with modern technical equipment allow us to train specialists capable of meeting the highest demands of the labour market.

The Institute’s Mission

Distance learning at the UTMN has been conceived to reflect the concept of open education that allows a person to learn throughout his of her life, choosing the optimal intensity and mode of learning. The distance learning technologies allow students from Russia, CIS and abroad to study at the UTMN.

Our mission:  accessibility, mobility and universality of education, equal opportunities for citizens in receiving a high value higher education through the use of distance learning technologies.

Academic Bachelor programmes: 

State and Municipal Management
Pedagogical Education
Computer Applications
Personnel Management

Period of study: from 3 to 5 years depending on the programme

Master Programmes: 

State and Municipal Management

Period of study: from 2 to 3 years depending on the programme


Department of recruiting in the Russian Federation

Department of International recruiting of Contingent forming department

Department of educational and methodical support

Department of educational process                           

Department of monitoring progress and interim assessment

Department of the state final examination

Department of electronic educational resources and technologies

Department of telecommunications technologies and technological means

Training Centre

Admission Rules

From 2015, admission to the University of Tyumen for distance learning programs depend upon the following requirements:

For persons with secondary education – according to the results of the Unified State Exam;
For persons with basic vocational education or non-core secondary vocational education - through a priority test;
For those with a secondary vocational education or higher vocational education profiles - through a test on the main course of study.

The application and entrance examinations period lasts from 03.02.2015 to 11.30.2015

List of documents for entry:

Academic degree (original document is required for nomination )
Photos 3x4 - 6 pcs
Passport ( copy)

Additional documents to be provided , as appropriate:

Unified State Exam Certificate
Notarized Russian translation of the document of education with the transfer printing (for those with educational documents in a foreign state)
Certificate of recognition of education certificates (original / certified copy)
Marriage certificate (certified copy), a certificate from the registrar (original / certified copy)
A medical certificate (form 086/y)     

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