Nature, culture and economic development in Western Siberia

To know the Russian North!
From the Ishim forest steppe to the Ob Taiga – Nature, culture and economic development in Western Siberia

July 15 – August 18, 2017
Tyumen – Ishim – Tobolsk – Khanty-Mansiisk

Academic Experience
Our International Summer School offers North relevant classes focusing on nature, environment, economics and culture of the Russian North. The idea of the School is a multidisciplinary approach to the development of the northern territories of Western Siberia.

To know the North means to study it!
Field Trip Experience
Our field trips offer opportunities to visit sites related to the School curriculum, to extend students’ knowledge about the North out of class. The students can see how environment, industries, business and culture co-exist in the Russian North.

To know the North means to explore it!
Cultural Experience
Our schedule offers a rich variety of cultural and social activities and events, which help international students to learn how to live and make fun in the North.

To know the North means to experience it!
Unique Tour Experience
Our International Summer School includes the unique opportunity to travel to the Russian North by bus, train or ship, to see the historical and archeological sites, to stay with the Northern indigenous peoples and to build a network with Russian young people, researchers and businessmen who will get together for the Youth International Forum “Route of Friendship”

To know the North means to become a part of it!
Professional Experience
The result of the 2 week North experience is the individual project “My way to the North” in which the students can present some ideas of their future participation in the North development under the supervision of experienced researchers, businessmen and political leaders in their areas of interest.

Academic program  

  • Natural environment, social and economic structure of Tyumen Region
  • Landscape Planning and Architecture in the North
  • Environmental Problems of Development of the Northern Territories
  • Agriculture in the forest steppe, its habitats, vegetation
  • Traditional Development of the Northern Indigenous Peoples
  • Environmental Tourism
  • Innovations and Business in the North
  • Taiga Forests and Bogs
  • Natural Resources and Economics of the Northern Territories
  • Oil and Gas Development and Environmental Impacts

Field Trips program

  • Tyumen city tour
  • Urban, infrastructural and industrial development of Tyumen
  • Tyumen Chamber of Commerce
  • Archeological Station “Andreevskie Lakes”
  • Biological Station  «Kuchak Lake»
  • Ishim forest steppe
  • Farm Jubilenii
  • Cattle breeding farm
  • Tatarian village
  • Tobolsk city tour (one of top 10 cities of Russia)
  •  Khanty-Mansiisk city tour(the venue of the Biathlon World Championships )
  • Natural Science Museum and Archeological Park
  • One-day trip to aboriginal settlement
  • Day at the Ob river (traditional meals, ceremonies, games)

Cultural program

  • Evenings with Russian families
  • Tour «Northern Legends» (aboriginal settlements)                 
  • Siberian Husky tour
  • Thermal hot springs (spa center)


1500 Euro – Academic, Field Trips and Cultural programs July – August, 2017

(including tuition, room, out-of-class activities and events)

Application process:

Applications can be sent directly to contact person (application form is attached) or you can apply on-line go to the link

Application deadline: April 15, 2017 (can be extended)   


Coordinator: Elena Gladun

                    Tyumen, Volodarskogo Str., 6

                    Tel. 7(3452)64-00-37 (ext. 12332)

                    mobile 8(9044)929060






Tyumen region (2 hour flight from Moscow)


Tobolsk city (4 hour drive from Tyumen,

the center of culture and religion in the North of Siberia)
Рисунок3.jpg The Ob river (a major river in Western Siberia and the world's seventh longest river

National park Archeological park Aboriginal settlement
Рисунок4.jpg Рисунок5.jpg Рисунок6.jpg