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Dear graduates! 

You can translate your diploma yourself and send it to to certify with a UTMN stamp, or you may order


 - the document that describes principles, mode, level and status of your syllabus.


  • It has the special form of the European Comission with a certain degree of protection, a hologram, an individual number, the signature and the seal of the official representative of the University of Tyumen.

  • DS consists of 8 information blocks, determined by the conditions of the European Commission and recognized by foreign universities and employers.

  • Contains ECTS credits, decription of the Russian education system and the Russian grades guidelines. 
  • DS does not demand nostrification or apostille.
  • Only UTMN graduates can receive DS undependently from the year of graduating, mode of study or citizenship. 
  • Price: 5000 roubles

Sample of European Diploma Supplement

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Attention: According to the Services Agreement the period of making DS is one month from the date of payment, providing that the customer have submitted all the necessary documents. The payment can be made only after the Services Agreement is double signed and registered (from one to three weeks). 

The contents and rules of drawimg up the Diploma Supplement are defined by the European Comissioan, European Council and CEPES. To know more.


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