Project 561775-EPP-1-2015-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Trans Regional Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Usage of Water Resources

Implementation of the project activities is organized according to work packages (WP), each linked to a specific objective of the project.

WP 1. Preparatory measures for the start-up of the project:  ALU, TyuSU
1.1 Legal framework of the consortium
1.2.The kick-off of the project
1.3.Formation of  the Inter¬disciplinary Working Groups (IWG)

WP 2. Design of methodology for TWRM and IALP: ALU, TSU, ENU
2.1. A knowledge pool for TWRM created
2.2.Methodology for TWRM developed
2.3.Strategy for interaction with industry designed

WP 3. Industry-Academia Teaching Task Force’ (IATTF) created: RUN, IWEP, ASU
3.1.Academic staff from the PC universities and industry trained
3.2.Teaching environment at PC institutions modernised

WP 4. The curricula and courses in TWRM for training of industry partners designed: AUTh, TyuSU, ENU
4.1.The syllabi and course plans agreed and confirmed
4.2. ECTS based courses developed/ modernized 
4.3.A digital library of course materials created

WP 5. An e-learning interactive capacity developed: UoW, EKSU
5.1.The e-learning platform designed and installed
5.2. User manuals prepared 
5.3. The academic content developed 

WP 6. Implementation of the training courses on TWRM: UA, YuSU, TyuSU, ENU
6.1.Training courses for industry partners in operation
6.2.The TWRM modules integrated into post-graduate curricula at PC

WP 7. Efficient Quality control and monitoring of the project: ASU, ALU
7.1. Quality plan implemented

WP 8. Successful dissemination is achieved: ALU, ENU
8.1. Wide dissemination of the project results
8.2. The developed courses probated at an international conference  at TyuSU

WP 9. Efficient Management of the project: ALU, TyuSU
9.1. Efficient management of the project

Overview of short and long term impact indicators