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The first Siberian city founded in 1586, nowdays Tyumen is renowned as the capital of vast Tyumen region, which has Russia’s biggest oil and gas reserves. The city's population is 700 000 people and it continues to increase. According to the RBC Holding, Tyumen is one of the ten most fast-growing cities of Russia.

In 2015, the city of Tyumen was recognized for the second time running as the best Russian city for quality of life by the Government’s Financial University.
Ranking first of thirty-eight Russian cities, Tyumen has high standard of living, great quality of medical care, and prime access to good education. It is also among the best Russian cities concerning housing quality and infrastructure. Find more information about Tyumen in rankings here.

Tyumen is the cultural, business, educational and administrative center of the Tyumen region. The median age of the Tyumen’s population is 36: children (0 to 14 years old) make up 17,9% of the total population. 

Featuring a fascinating history, which dates back to Tatars’ conquests, Tyumen still remains a relatively undiscovered gem for visitors, with its lively cultural scene and relaxed, friendly atmosphere

Don't be scared of severe Siberian weather; Tyumen is not the permafrost. Click here to learn more about Tyumen climate.

Tyumen is a very space-efficient city with good logistics, in part because of Trans-Siberian Railway that runs directly through it. The city airport offers dozens of flights a day to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other destinations; a flight to Moscow only takes 2h20m, and the airport is a mere 10 minute taxi ride from the city center. 

Take a stroll around Tyumen’ center and make sure it has everything a city of this scale needs! 

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