22 July 2020
The first generation of Biosafety Masters graduate from UTMN X-BIO Institute

The first graduates of the Plant Biosecurity program defended their master's thesis at the UTMN X-BIO Institute.

The first graduates of the "Plant Biosecurity" program defended their master's thesis at the UTMN X-BIO Institute.

The Plant Biosecurity program is being conducted in English and in cooperation with the All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection (St. Petersburg). 

This graduation ceremony is crucial for the history of X-BIO because the first graduate generation of the new institute is getting their Master’s. It marks the first step for the X-BIO Institute to become the center of interdisciplinary research in human, animal, and plant biosafety. 

Andrey Tolstikov, curator of X-BIO, UTMN First Acting Vice-Rector, comments: 

"Students of the X-BIO Institute graduated with high marks and recognition for their thesis. They also received recommendations for the postgraduate school. Most of the students, upon graduating, have already published meaningful science articles in international research journals. We believe that the strongest suit of our programs is being research-orientated; all undergraduates from the day one are encouraged to work on their projects, we offer advanced research laboratories, the topics of their research covers current biosafety concerns. These factors are a key part of the agenda of the West Siberian World-class Research and Educational Center (SEC)." 

The State Examination Commission consisted of leading specialists from several Biological research institutes of St. Petersburg: Natalya Belyakova, Scientific Secretary and Head of the Biological Plant Protection Laboratory of the All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection, and Natalya Buchkina, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Agrophysical Institute. 

Ilya Bondarev, Chairman of the State Electricity Company, General Director of UGMK-Agro Company, a partner of the University of Tyumen, emphasized the high relevance of the presented research works. Among the master's theses was a project dedicated to searching for new antimicrobial compounds and testing their effectiveness by using atomic force microscopy, and new bioengineering approaches based on the "lab-on-a-chip" developed in X-BIO. The other remarkable work was dedicated to searching for new biological pest control agents and optimizing the cultivation of already known ones – insects and mites. 

The first generation of graduates of X-BIO is special. For the first time, citizens of the United States and Iran will receive master's degrees at UTMN. William Julian, having received a Master's Degree at UTMN, will begin his studies at a prestigious medical university in the United States. 

Mohammadhassan Abbasisarcheshmeh, a graduate from Iran, applied for a government scholarship to continue his studies in graduate school at the University of Tyumen. 

Valeria Kalchugina-Kutskir, during her studies at X-BIO, became a laureate of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the winner of the All-Russian Arctic Competition. She was also admitted to the staff of a large domestic pharmaceutical company Generium. 

The rest of the graduates are considering continuing their research as postgraduates at the University of Tyumen, while simultaneously working in the scientific laboratories of the X-BIO Institute. 


UTMN X-BIO Institute now accepts applications for the 2020/21 year. The institute offers two master's programs "Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics" and "Plant Biosafety". The language of instruction is English. These programs are designed for the Bachelors and Specialists of Natural Sciences wishing to continue their studies. Besides an intensive curriculum, these programs will also allow undergraduates to conduct their research in world-class scientific laboratories of the X-BIO Institute. 

For nonresidents, the institute offers accommodation in the dorms located in the historical center of Tyumen. 

For the 2020/21 year, 20 state-funded spots were allocated for the Masters in Biology. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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