Academic Department

The Academic Department is the educational subdivision of X-BIO, which implements Masters and Postgraduate programs.

There are numerous benefits of studying at the X-BIO Institute

  • X-BIO offers curated courses from a top specialist in their respective fields: the courses that make up the syllabus have been developed exclusively for X-BIO programs and are taught directly by their authors – practicing specialists working on research projects both in Russia and abroad.
  • We encourage collaborative, small group learning. Teaching takes place in relatively small groups, which allows us to offer an individual approach to each student compared to standard training groups.
  • Students study in an international environment. Admission to the master's and postgraduate studies at X-BIO is open for both Russian and international students, which allows the formation of international study groups. The language of instruction is English.
  • Practical Science work is one of the fundamentals enabling our students to grow as independent researchers. Students work on research projects in a team of scientists with access to the latest X-BIO Tech and Labs.

If any questions arise concerning the admission or studying process at the X-BIO Institute, please consult with Marat Shamsimukhametov, head of the Academic Office.

       Marat Shems
Head of Study office

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Dr. Mikhail Zhak
Deputy Director
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Marat Shems
Head of Study office
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