The Academic Council of the University of Tyumen founded the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO) on November 27, 2017.

Earlier, in July 2017, the UTMN Supervisory Board approved the creation of THE X-BIO Institute.

«X-BIO is a Strategic Academic Unit implemented under the 5top100 project. Its creation will allow the university to increase its competitiveness and become a world-class center of excellence in the field of biological safety of plants», stated Valery Falkov, the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia and the former rector of University of Tyumen, at the meeting of the Academic Council back in November of 2017.

The All-Russian Institute of plant protection (FSBSI VIZR) will be joining forces with UTMN in this project. Both VIZR and UTMN researchers will participate in the educational activities, overlooking the university’s undergraduate and graduate students’ thesis papers, as well as organizing events and internships dedicated to research. The language of instruction at the Institute is English, making it possible to involve international teachers and students. In 2018, X-BIO Institute launched a new graduate program in Plant Biosecurity.

The partners of the Institute will be the largest agro-technological companies, including UGMK-Agro and CARGILL Russia, and major research centers. The All-Russian Institute of plant protection (FSBSI VIZR) will be partnering with University Tyumen for the X-BIO project.
UTMN Institute
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