Scientific and Educational Center (SEC) for Nanotechnologies

       Center Director
Sergey Yu. Udovichenko
DSc. (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Professor 


Tel: +7(3452) 59-74-00, ext. 17146
Address: Lab. 302, 25 Lenina St., Tyumen, Russia, 625003

About the SEC 

The «Nanotechnologies» SEC was created as part of the Research Institute of Applied Sciences (RIAS) in 2011 within the framework of the Federal Target Program (FTP) titled «Nanoindustry Infrastructure Development in the Russian Federation for 2008-2011». Prof. Sergey Yu. Udovichenko has been the head of the Center since its inception. 

In 2012, the SEC separated from RIAS (order of No. 70/6 from 04.19.2012) and on December 1, 2017, it became part of the X-Bio Institute (order No. 680 (1) -1).  

The SEC was created to conduct educational activities in the form of lectures and laboratory access opportunities. The Center’s equipment can be used by the university’s students and employees in nanotechnologies-related research. 

Main Research Areas
  • creation and development of materials and devices used in optoelectronics and nanoelectronics-related information technologies; 
  • creation of specialized biomorphic neural network devices in the field of artificial intelligence and neurobiology; 
  • ecological environmental safety research: development of catalysts on the basis of fiberglass carriers intended for environmentally friendly disposal of liquid hydrocarbon waste and sludge with a decrease in gas emissions, with possibilities for further utilization of such waste; 
  • using electron and probe microscopy to study the surface topology and elemental composition of biological organisms (mites, bacteria, contaminated soils, etc.) that present an ecological and agricultural hazard.

Laboratories of the SEC
  • laboratory for beam-plasma technologies, where nanomaterials and nanomaterial-based electronic devices are created;
  • laboratory for electron and probe microscopy that studies the structure and the elemental composition of created nanomaterials, as well as various chemical compounds and bio-objects.

Research Methods
  • Electron microscopy
  • Sample preparation of live samples for electron microscopy
  • Elemental composition microanalysis
  • Electron-beam lithography
  • Atomic force (probe) microscopy
  • Development and synthesis of thin-film micro- and nanostructures
  • Electrical measurements of micro- and nanostructures

Services provided 

The SEC aids the interdisciplinary scientific research conducted at the Institute of Physics and Technical Sciences, the Institute of Chemistry, the Institute of Biology and the X-Bio Institute. 

Creation and investigation of new nanomaterials as well as the study of biomaterials.

UTMN Institute
of Environmental
and Agricultural Biology

25 Lenina Street,
Tyumen 625003

Dr. Mikhail Zhak
Deputy Director
(3452) 59-74-00
Marat Shems
Head of Study office
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