Laboratory for the Ecological Physiology of Plants and Experimental Phytoecology

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       Head of laboratory
Larisa A. Ivanova
CSc. (Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Main Areas of Research
  • Functional characteristics of plants as indicators of species’ adaptation to global climate change and anthropogenic impact
  • Functional leaf anatomy and photosynthesis under ecological stress (shading, drought, flooding, salinization, etc.)
  • Leaf microstructure and diffusion resistance as the bases for plants’ photosynthetic ability and primary productivity
  • Environmental impact on the pigmentation and the biochemical parameters of plant leaves
  • Functional typology of plants and the geographical distribution of vegetation types according to their function
  • Prediction of functional properties and productivity of plant communities based on the functional properties of plant species 

Research Team

       Leonid A. Ivanov 
CSc. (Candidate of Biological Sciences)
Research interests: geographical patterns of changes in the pigment composition of plant leaves, the relationship of leaf biochemistry and photosynthesis with climate, carbon exchange and the inter-organ distribution of biomass in plants growing in different climatic zones.   

       Dina A. Ronzhina 
CSc. (Candidate of Biological Sciences)
Research interests: ecological physiology of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, the relationship of leaf structure, gas exchange rate, and plant productivity with moisture content.

       Svetlana V. Migalina
CSc. (Candidate of Biological Sciences)
Research interests: ecological physiology of woody plants, changes in the functional parameters of tree leaves along geographic and climatic gradients. 

Scientific Projects
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) (2014-2017): Zonal and climate-dependent regularities in the formation of functional properties North Eurasia’s vegetation cover. PI: L. A. Ivanov.
  • RFBR (2014-2017): Mesophyll as a system of structural and physicochemical limitations of photosynthesis in plant leaves. PI: L. A. Ivanova. 
  • State research assignment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (2020-2023): Fundamental principles of productivity of plant species and communities and mechanisms of their resistance to environmental stress and anthropogenic impact. PI: L. A. Ivanova.

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