Open Vacancies

Specialist technician: CAD, G-code, optical and extrusion 3D-printing, micromilling, lithography, casting, etc. Experience in the development of microfluidic and analytical chips is welcome.

Specialist in two-photon printing: laser optics and CAD experience are necessary, experience with 2рр is also welcome.

Optician: design and manufacturing/adaptation of flow-through detectors (primarily cytometers), microscopes, laser optics, spectrometers. A practical development experience is desirable.

Cytometric engineer/FACS-er: development and adaptation of analogs equipment, primarily based on microfluidic chips. Entry-level experience necessary: experience in repairing "conventional" cytometers/FACS/ chromatographs/capillary cutters.

Electronics engineer: interfaces development for PMT, CCD, LCD, lasers and drives, NI / Raspberry / STM / Arduino controllers, high-frequency high-voltage switches, etc.

Electronics engineer/hacker: non-standard use of components of consumer equipment: optical drives, projectors, printers, smartphones, etc. – for cytometry, microspectroscopy, lithography, etc. A highly motivated and committed specialist is needed.

Programmer: developing interfaces for optical drives, projectors, printers, smartphones; data processing, real-time data processing.

Chemist: micro-/nanoparticles and surface chemistry. Drip microfluidics, particle synthesis. Binding of biomolecules and paints.

Molbiologist: Gene Editing Engineering, which includes assembling of all lysing, ligating, reverse transcribing, and replicating machinery in Drop-Seq (for example microreactors).

Molbiologist: development of PCR components for diagnostic chips (gene chips).

Immunologist: development of antibodies for diagnostic chips/matrices, from selection according to clinical tasks - to development, binding, and selection of analysis conditions (GeneChip).

Supplier/logistician: the ability to work with non-standard suppliers outside of government agencies pool, oversee and ensure the entire cycle of procurement, storage, use, and write-off.

For adjacent and combined positions available at X-BIO, see above.

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