About RIIC

римс.pngProcesses of  globalization have illustrated the interconnectedness of the world and accentuated the need for  cooperation in facing economic, environmental and cultural challenges. Development of business and cultural links requires a high level  of competence and awareness of the  international business and legal contexts, as well as of cross-cultural differences.

Regional Institute for International Cooperation (RIIC)  was opened on March 18, 2004 at University of Tyumen in partnership with Tyumen Regional Authorities with the aim of contributing to the economic and social development of the Tyumen Region by facilitating its international collaboration.

The mission of RIIC as seen by its team is to become a «meeting point» for everybody interested in mutual understanding and beneficial international cooperation by:
  • Providing training and consultancy;
  • Developing and implementating international projects in academic, business and cultural areas;
  • Providing administrative support to Russian and  foreign companies, funds and  associations in organizing publicity campaigns, cultural, academic  and business exchanges, training and development, establishing partnership as well as in  other international cooperation   activities.

Regional Institute for International Cooperation comprises:

Training and Consultancy Unit

proficiency development courses and  seminars for businessmen and representatives of administrative bodies in the area of international cooperation;

re-training courses for translators and interpreters;
business cooperation database;
information and advice on  legal, financial and intercultural aspects of international collaboration;

Preparatory Department for Foreign Students

preparatory courses for foreigners who want to study at a Russian university but need to improve their academic Russian (two-semester or three-semester courses).