Foreign languages courses

The International Language Center of the Regional Institute of International Cooperation Tyumen State University offers multi-level foreign language courses in English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Serbian, Croatian, Russian. The duration of one course, taught as part of the standard conversational language programme, is 100 academic hours.


The group placement is based on the results of questionnaires and preliminary testing, which leads to more effective classroom and individual learning experience. Classes are typically held in groups of up to 12 students, in mini-groups (5-6 people) and individually.

The classes begin once the groups are complete. The schedules and intensity of classes are determined at the initial meeting of the group.

In addition to classroom activities, you have the opportunity to take part in traditional events: a club for communicating with native speakers, festivals of projects, a literary and musical lounge, etc., where students can communicate in foreign languages.

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