Preparatory department

Pre-sessional Russian Course for Academic Purposes


Tyumen State University provides a pre-sessional Russian course for those foreign students seeking to study at a Russian university, but in need of additional training to improve their academic Russian language skills. This unique programme, designed for students who have completed their secondary education, lasts for either one or two semesters depending on students’ prior understanding of the Russian language. The aim is to improve students’ academic Russian skills to a point where they can comfortably start a degree programme within one year.

Students with intermediate-level Russian may join the one-semester programme offered either from October to January, or February to May. However, both elementary and lower intermediate-level Russian language students follow the two-semester programme from October to May. Successful students will be eligible to start degree programmes the following September in Tyumen with no additional language exams required.

The University arranges shared room accommodations in dormitories (often en-suite) in a walking distance from the University building for incoming students. Nonetheless, students are free to make their own housing arrangements if they so desire.

We offer

·         Highly-qualified staff

·         Modern Language Teaching and Learning Facilities

·         Free Internet and e-mail access

·         A hi-tech Learning Centre

·         Multimedia Resources

·         International Discussion Club

·         Free adaptive, social, and cultural programmes

Tuition fee

- ₽ 66 000 for a two-semester programme (excluding shared accommodation, medical insurance, meals);

- ₽ 55 000 for a one-semester programme (excluding shared accommodation, medical insurance, meals).

Fees are subject to amendment due to current economic environment.

Programme Details

This one or two-semester Russian language programme aims to bring students’ Russian language skills up to the level required for degree studies at a Russian university. The full-year programme (elementary and lower intermediate level) starts in October each year and the one-semester programme (intermediate level) in either October or February. Courses are conducted entirely in the Russian language.

All incoming students are strongly advised to arrange for a medical insurance either in the country of their permanent residence or in the Russian Federation upon their arrival.

Visa arrangements for all overseas students are in charge of the University International Office. Students do not pay extra charges for visa extension.

Pre-session Russian course Information

Elementary and intermediate level courses will focus on the following areas:

·         Academic Reading and Writing

·         Academic Listening and Speaking

·         Russian Grammar and Academic Vocabulary 

·         Study Skills

·         Russian Culture

Students receive 20 in-person class hours per week over a 16-week semester. Students also have access to a personal tutor and, as a full member of the university, full use of university resources (the University library, the gym, free Internet access, etc). 

Major subject options

Besides Russian course, we provide short-term courses in major subjects depending on your interests and the degree you would like to move on to.  You can choose from one of five major subject courses:

·         Economics (Maths,  History, Social Studies)

·         Engineering (Maths, Physics, Informatics);

·         Humanities (History, Social Studies, Literature);

·         Natural Sciences (Maths, Physics, Chemistry);

·         Medicine (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).

All subjects are to be paid extra and cost ₽ 17 500 per each.

Deadline for Entry

The deadline for a two-semester course starting in October 2017 is the 31 July 2017. Admission is OVER.

Accommodation and Airport Meeting Service 

Accommodations will be in the University dormitory in shared rooms (or suites). Students who wish to arrange their own housing are free to do so. Average cost of a bed in a shared room is ₽ 850 per month. All rooms are equipped with necessary cooking facilities. Laundry is located on the ground floor of the dormitory.

A free airport meeting service will be available at the beginning of the programme. The meeting service will normally be on the Sunday for the start of the course.

Documents required:

·         Scanned copy of passport;

·         Scanned copy of document of previous education (translated into English/Russian);

·         Filled-in application forms.

How to apply

Complete the application forms and return them by e-mail together with scanned copies of documents required. Upon receipt of the application, we normally reply with an offer of admission and further information concerning the contract and payment.  Once being offered a place on the programme, applicants are to pay an application fee of ₽ 6 000. The official invitation letter is to be sent to the applicant after the contract is signed and the application fee is paid.

The programme fee, including tuition and accommodation, should be paid within 3 days of your arrival in Tyumen in full.


What's next?

For further information, please contact:

Regional Institute for International Cooperation,

University of Tyumen,

6 Volodarskogo str., 625003, Tyumen, RF
Tel/ fax: 007 (3452) 455704 / 455703


Coordinator: Dr Natalia Dzida, Vice-director of RIIC, Head of Preparatory Department

Note: Applicants are responsible for any bank charges in the transfer of fees.