Preparatory department


University of Tyumen is proud to provide a variety of foundation programmes for those foreign students seeking to study at a Russian university, but in need of additional training to improve their academic Russian language skills. These unique programmes, designed for students who have completed their secondary education, lasts for either two or three semesters depending on students’ prior understanding of the Russian language. The aim is to improve students’ Russian skills and brush up their knowledge in major subjects to a point where they can comfortably start a degree programme within one year.

Students with both elementary and lower intermediate-level Russian follow the two-semester programme from October to June. A new option of a three-semester programme suits for those students who come to the University of Tyumen late in winter or early in spring and do not want to lose academic time. Successful students will be eligible to start degree programmes the following September in Tyumen with no additional language exams required.

We offer

·                   Highly qualified staff

·                   Modern Language Teaching and Learning Facilities

·                   Free Internet and e-mail access

·                   A hi-tech Learning Centre

·                   Multimedia Resources

·                   International Discussion Club

·                   Adaptive, social, and cultural programmes


Tuition Fees

- ₽ 112 800 for a Shortened 8-month programme (excluding shared accommodation, visa arrangements)

- ₽ 128 800 for a Standard two-semester programme (excluding shared accommodation, visa arrangements)

- ₽ 178 800 for an Extended three-semester programme (excluding shared accommodation, visa arrangements)

Fees are subject to amendment due to current economic environment.

Programme Information

The courses will focus on the following areas:

·         Reading and Writing

·         Listening and Speaking

·         Russian Grammar and Vocabulary 

·         Russian for Academic Purposes

·         Study Skills

·         Russian Culture

Students receive 20-30 in-person/on-line class hours per week over a 16-week semester. Students also have access to a personal tutor and, as a member of the university, full use of university resources (the University library, the gym, free Internet access, etc.).  

Students should be equipped with a personal computer instrumented with a webcam, microphones, and speakers to get the full access to the learning materials and on-line classes. The high-speed Internet line is also required.

All incoming students are strongly advised to arrange for a medical insurance either in the country of their permanent residence or in the Russian Federation upon their arrival.

All incoming students must present a COVID-19 free medical certificate and take a test upon arrival.

Major subject options

Besides Russian course, the programme includes short-term courses in major subjects depending on your interests and the degree you would like to move on to. You can choose from one of four pools:

1.      Economics (Social Studies, History, Maths, Computer Science)

2.      Engineering (Maths, Physics, Computer Science, Social Studies)

3.      Humanities (History, Social Studies, Literature, Computer Science)

4.      Natural Sciences (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science)


The University arranges shared room accommodations in recently constructed dormitories (often en-suite) for incoming students. Nonetheless, students are free to make their own housing arrangements if they so desire.

Documents required:

·                 Copy of passport

·                 Copy of document of previous education (translated into English/Russian)

·                 Transcript of records (translated into English/Russian)

·                 Motivation letter


How to apply

To apply please go to

Upon receipt of the application, we normally reply with an offer of admission and further information concerning the contract and payment. The official invitation letter is to be sent to the applicant within 6 weeks after the contract is signed and the admission fee is paid.

The programme fees, including tuition and accommodation, should be paid within 7 working days upon your arrival in Tyumen in full. 

Note: Applicants are responsible for any bank charges in the transfer of fees.

For further information, please contact:

Regional Institute for International Cooperation

University of Tyumen


Coordinator: Dr Natalia Dzida, Director of Preparatory Department