International Linguistic Center

The International Language Center of the Tyumen State University (ILC) was established in September 1996 as part of the on-going TEMPUS project and with the active participation of partner universities from Wolverhampton (Great Britain), Grenoble (France), Essen (Germany). ILC is fully equipped with the most modern presentation and educational equipment, multimedia programs, audio and video materials, as well as modern textbooks.

Early on, the ILC developed and put into practice a modular system of teaching / learning foreign languages​. Specialists from foreign partner universities took active participation in the development of the concept and selection of teaching materials. The model is essentially based on the best foreign teaching practices, as well as modern teaching technologies. Back in October 2000, the ILC was awarded a diploma of the Second International Exhibition, titled "The World Without Borders", for its modular system, which has also been approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and recommended for broader distribution. The program meets international standards for foreign language teaching and is being constantly improved and updated. The modular system implies that language courses are oriented towards achieving a certain level of knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The system of introductory, intermediate and final testing allows to objectively assess the real level of knowledge of a foreign language. And, of course, modern technologies paly a very prominent role in the process.

At present, the International Linguistic Center is, structurally, a subdivision of the Regional Institute for International Cooperation that offers various educational services to residents of Tyumen and the Tyumen region. Among them are:

  • language courses in European languages, Arabic and Chinese languages ​​offered to city residents in the framework of a multilevel modular training program;

  • several programs on teaching the Russian language and intercultural communication to foreign citizens;

  • the International four-week summer school of intercultural communication and the Russian language titled "Discover Your Siberia" (takes place every July) - a program intended for foreign citizens wishing to get to know the culture and the history of Russia and Western Siberia, as well as to acquire communication skills in Russian;

  • development of language training programs for corporate clients and their employees.

More information on the training programs offered can be found in the "Language Courses" section or by contacting the staff of the International Language Center at +7 (3452) 45-57-04.