Celebrating the end of the academic year 2017-2018

Celebrating the end of the academic year 2017-2018

The academic year at the Preparatory Department of the Regional Institute of International Cooperation is now over. This year, students from 12 countries attended courses in Russian offered by the Tyumen State University.


Traditionally, Andrei Tolstikov,  the Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations, gave a speech, congratulating  the foreign students on their successful completion of the programme. 


During the awards ceremony, foreign students were asked to answer the most frequently asked questions: “Why did you come to Russia? Why did you choose Tyumen?”

A student from China Zhao Lichun said: "We came on an academic exchange programme available for students from the Qufu Pedagogical University. For more than 10 years Tyumen State University has been cooperating with our university. Our students take part both in Master’s and in Bachelors’ programmes of the Tyumen State University ".


"We are from the Chinese Petroleum University and also came on an exchange program. We will study at the Institute of Finance and Economics of the Tyumen State University ", continued Van Veitin.


"I chose Tyumen State University because my friends had already attended courses at the Preparatory Department and decided to stay with the university upon their completion. They said that there are excellent teachers, a good hostel, and that Tyumen is a calm city ".


"My name is Thuan. I'm from Vietnam. The Russian government annually offers quotas to foreign students. We passed the competition and got a chance to study in Russia. In addition to the Russian language, we studied the history of Russia, geography, mathematics, and social studies. We will continue to study at Tyumen State University ".


Nguyen Hai Kuang from Vietnam who graduated from the Preparatory Department last year is currently studying at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Tyumen State University. He came to support the guys and wished them success:

"First of all, I congratulate you, excellent students, on having successfully completed Russian language programme this year. Of course, I, like all the students here, also studied in the Preparatory Department last year. At that time, I felt the help and care of both the teachers and other representatives of the university. Guys, don’t lose your passion for Russian and continue to learn it, because it is an important part on your way - very hard, but also very nice. "


We, too, are happy to congratulate our graduates with the fact that they have coped with all the hurdles and brilliantly completed their studies! Congratulations and well done!

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