Фото Valery Falkov



Phone: (3452) 59 74 44

e-mail: rector@utmn.ru

6 Volodarskogo St., Tyumen

Valery Falkov

The structural subdivisions under supervision of the rector:

* Office of Financial Planning and Accounting

* Office of Strategic Communication

* Personnel Department

* Admissions Committee

* Department of Enterprise Resource Planning and Office Administration


Valery Falkov was born in Tyumen on October 18, 1978. In 1995 he entered the UTMN Law School and in 2000 graduated from Institute of State and Law with a degree in Law. In 2003 he got a postgraduate degree ahead of schedule. In 2007 Valery Falkov became an associate professor in the UTMN Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law.

Valery Falkov’s career:

  • Deputy head of the UTMN Constitutional and Municipal Law Department (2003-2007)

  • Deputy director for Academic Affairs at the UTMN Institute of State and Law (2007)

  • Member of the Tyumen region Election Commission with a casting vote (2006-2013)

  • Vice-Rector for Additional Education and the UTMN Branch Offices (2007-2011)

  • Chairman of the regional Council of Young Scholars and Specialists (2009-2011). In 2011 the Council was recognized as one of the most efficient in Russia

  • Director of the UTMN Institute of Law, Economics and Management (2011-2012)

  • Acting UTMN rector (2012-2013)

  • Reelected UTMN rector (since 2013)

  • Vice chairman of the regional branch of the Association of Lawyers of Russia and a chairman of the Tyumen branch of the Russian public organization Association of Lawyers of Russia (since 2012)

  • Deputy of the Tyumen City Duma's VI convocation, member of the regional political council of the United Russia party, chairman of the standing committee for urban development and land use regulations (2013-2016)

  • Elected chairman of the Council of University rectors of Tyumen region (since 2015)

  • Elected deputy of Tyumen Regional Duma in the single-mandate constituency № 17

Professional and public activity

In 2003 Valery Falkov won the Ministry of Education and Central Election Commission's competition for the best research work among the graduate students of Russian higher educational institutions. Later that year he defended a PhD thesis on Improving the Legal Regulation of the Election Campaign in the Russian Federation on the subject of Constitutional Law, Municipal law. In 2011 he organized an interregional multidisciplinary school competition Mendeleev to find and support talented students.

Valery Falkov is a member of the Presidium at the Educational and Methodological Association for legal education of the Russian universities, a chairman of the almanac Tobolsk and Whole of Siberia editorial board and an initiator of the project on citizens' legal literacy within the Tyumen region called Open School of Law. In 2014 he initiated the first Siberian law readings, which became a discussion forum for contemporary issues and trends in legal development and networking with scholars from Siberia, other Russian regions and foreign countries.

He took charge of the educational program Prospects of the Tyumen Region: New Industries and Human Resources initiated by the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management at the request of the Tyumen region Governor in cooperation with the University of Tyumen.

Since 2014 Falkov is an appointed member of the Russian Federation President's personnel reserve.

In 2015 he became a member of advisory council for monitoring and forecasting of staff needs of the Tyumen region.

Additional training

Valery Falkov received additional training in top Russian and European institutions:

Training of Civil Servants in Germany, Its Legal, Economic and Administrative Bases (German University of Administrative Sciences, Germany, Speyer, 2007)

Public Administration Studies in France (The University of Strasbourg, France, Starsbourg, 2007)

Branches of Universities today: organization problems, the development strategy (The National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod, 2008)

Development of international activities of university in the context of the Bologna Process (The Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany, Freiburg, 2008)

New Leaders of Professional Education (The Skolkovo School of Management, Russia, Moscow, 2013)

University Model (The Skolkovo School of Management, Russia, Moscow, 2015)

University Positioning (The Skolkovo School of Management, Russia, Moscow, 2015)

Trends Analysis and Identifying Priority Areas for University Development (The Skolkovo School of Management, Russia, Moscow, 2016)

Awards and Titles

Certificate of Honor by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (2003)
Certificate of Appreciation by the Governor of the Tyumen Region (2008)
Tyumen Regional Duma Honorary Badge (2009)
Certificate of Honor by the Governor of the Tyumen Region (2013) 
Certificate of Honor by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation (2014)
Certificate of Appreciation by the RF President’s Plenipotentiary Representative of the Ural Federal District (2015)
Certificate of Appreciation by the Department of Education and Sciences of Tyumen Region (2015)
Winner of the Lawyer of the Year 2014, Tyumen Region highest legal award
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