Research Laboratories
Groundbreaking research at the gateway to Siberia

UTMN is proud to be one of the leading universities in Russia. Throughout the years, we established a great name for ourselves and became the leader in teaching, research, knowledge-transfer and international collaboration in Western Siberia region. Due to dedication and talent of our students and stuff, we were able to bring out the most cutting edge projects in biosecurity, northern resources development, robotics research, acarology and many more.

University of Tyumen emphasizes the following globally-relevant research frontiers as its centers for academic excellence:

1) advanced production technologies, 
2) photonics, 
3) neurotechnologies, 
4) environmental remediation, 
5) socio-humanistic studies and technologies, 
6) acarology, 
7) software engineering.  

University of Tyumen researchers lead the way in the field of thermothensography photonics and the directed surface phenomena in liquids with laser and infrared emitters. Researchers are also working to develop a unique, portable digital lab experience containing express analytics, also knows as a “Lab-on-a-Chip.”

University of Tyumen is working in the field of Neurоtechnologies to create artificial cognitive systems, components for next-generation semiconductors elements (memristors), and program models of supernormal neuroglia networks.

Environmental Remediation is another university focus area, and University of Tyumen is currently engaged in large national and international projects, 70% of funding for which comes from research and development institutions.  

University of Tyumen is also a leading institution in the field of acarology—the study of ticks and mites—supporting leading experts in the research of the biodiversity of solids and continental waters. Tyumen researchers publish more than 50 articles in WOS based journals each year, and supports collaborative partnerships with scientific institutions of 30 different states.

Software engineering is also a large part of research at University of Tyumen. Researchers are working on numerous aspects of development, from software defined networks, Internet of things, Big Data analysis to software development algorithms and from real-time control systems for transport to medicine production. Tyumen researchers have also developed unique models of secure protocols for telemetric and audio-video data transmission. The results of these activities are currently being used for the construction of systems such as the “Smart city” and “Secure city.”


    Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics

    Scientific Research Microhydrodynamic Technologies Laboratory

    International Complex Research Laboratory for Study of Climate Change, Land Use and Biodiversity 

    Center for Teaching Nanomaterials and Memristor Systems

Laboratory of Water quality, stability of water ecosystems and ecotoxicology
    Laboratory for Environmental Research

    Laboratory for Archeology and Ethnography
LHiGR_Logo2.JPG   Laboratory for Historical Geography and Regional Studies
    Sociological Laboratory

    Regional Laboratory of Ethnoconfessional Relations and Sociocultural Expertise

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