Moving abroad is not an easy task. UTMN prides itself on creating a safe, welcoming, and multicultural campus. We strive to become a place that you can call home. We want you to get the most out of your studies and student life here. That is why it is important to have a sound support system when you arrive.

Buddy system

Buddy group is a team of students who help international students to socialize and adapt to the cultural environment of the university and the city.

Buddies can meet you at the airport or the railway station. They will help you check into a hotel. A buddy can show you around the city and give you a tour of the campus. During the first year of studies, you can contact your buddy with any question and get the necessary advice or assistance.

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Association of International students

AIS helps incoming students to adapt and integrate into the cultural and educational environment of the University and the city. The team help students realize their full potential, engage in campus activities, and take part in international projects of UTMN.


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Tutors help students move along their educational path. A tutor selects tools and practices to help a student see their potential. Students will apply that knowledge and choose an individual education trajectory that suits them best. 

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Cultural Centers

Cultural Center is a place for students to find representation, gain knowledge of foreign languages, learn a little more about the culture of other countries and gain friends from all over the world.

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Center For Recruitment And Integration Of International Students

This Center guides and handles most questions regarding student stay and studies.


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