Founded in 1930, University of Tyumen is the oldest university in the Tyumen Oblast.

During the past nine decades, University of Tyumen grew from a small agro-educational school into a progressive educational center supporting the Tyumen region. We have come a long way to become one of the best universities in Russia. 

1930 The Agro-Pedagogical Institute was established in Tyumen. It was the first institution for higher education in the city. 

1934 The Agricultural Pedagogical Institute was renamed into the Tyumen Pedagogical Institute. 

1973 Pedagogical Institute became the Tyumen State University. 

1973-1987 Seven new faculties were formed. For the first time, foreign students began their studies at the university. 

1989-2009 This period marks the extensive development of the university. During these years, the number of faculties and departments doubled. New teaching staff was recruited; the number of students tremendously grew. The university opened new programs and areas of study.

2007-2008 Tyumen State University became a part of the federal program for innovative development.  

2010-2012 Implementation of the program "Development of the innovative infrastructure of Tyumen State University". 

2010-2013 Faculties of the university were reorganized into institutes; many new scientific departments were opened.

2015-2020 Tyumen State University became part of the 5-100 project to improve global competitiveness. Through this period the university saw the most active growth in the innovative sphere, greenfields, international activities.

2017 Rebranding of the university. Tyumen State University stepped into the new era as the University of Tyumen. UTMN got the new T-logo. The design project was developed in the studio of Artemy Lebedev, the country's leading design company.

2017 University of Tyumen started a large transformation of the educational process.  The university introduced the Individual Educational Trajectories (IET). First, the new model of education was tested in three institutes of the university and one greenfield - School for Advanced Study. In 2019, it was implemented for the entire university.

2013-Present day UTMN focuses on collaborative projects with large industrial partners. Our goal is to develope and expand career opportunities for our students and alumni. 

Did you know?

UTMN symbol 

New logo 

Файл:TSU Logo Image.png — Википедия

Ladya boat was the logo of UTMN through generations. It served as a symbol of the development of Siberia and Tyumen region. Now, it remains a lucky charm among the students and a mascot of the university. 

The sign combines a three-dimensional letter “T” and the number “one”. The letter “T” links together two symbols - the rapidly developing Tyumen region and University of Tyumen. The “one” stands for UTMN being the first university in Tyumen. This logo reflects the historical and educational leadership of the university.

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