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The University of Tyumen is dedicated to constant progress. We want to bring you the most up-to-date programs and services.
We strive to empower and support individuals who are invested in their future.

Our Greenfields are carefully curated units that shape a new way of thinking about education and research.

think outside
the box
an impact
do meaningful
join a community
of likeminded

The School for Advanced Study is a new, ambitious, and experimental institution at the University of Tyumen. The school combines three major fields of study: social sciences, arts and humanities, and life sciences.

Here, talented students from Russia and abroad can experience the most international BA and MA programs and receive a world-class education.


The X-BIO project is a unity between science, education, and innovation. Here, students will research the latest developments in microfluidics, agriculture, forestry, soil biology, microbiology, and biosafety.

The Institute has a Nanotechnology Center, 12 world-class research laboratories, and research groups.

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