Recruitment of Research and Teaching Staff

Recruitment of Research and Teaching Staff

The University carries out international cooperation in the field of higher education and science in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation, and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, international treaties, and the Charter of the University.

Recruitment of workers on the international labor market is intended to actively involve the highly qualified workers with practical experience in educational activities, research work, and business in active cooperation with the international community.

The aims and objectives of recruiting workers on the international labor market are the following:

- Improving the quality of joint research, participation in the implementation of research projects, including in cooperation with foreign partners

- Improving the quality of teaching through the exchange of experiences and educational technologies

- Improving the quality of management in specific areas of the university’s activity

- Promoting the activities of university professors in international symposiums, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.

- Increased involvement in work on international projects and programs implemented with the participation of the University

- Improving the quality of implementation of scientific, educational, and consulting tasks, as well as the positioning of the scientific and technical developments at the international level

- Encouraging academic mobility of university researchers, teachers, and students through optimal use of employee potential

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