Green Campus

We recognize three main aspects to taking collective action and working towards a greener, safer environment.

Get Involved

Volunteering is the simplest way to contribute to building a more environmentally conscious University community. 

Stay Connected

We are stronger in unity. Connecting with people to work towards a greater goal is an obvious next step. Since 2017, an environmental 5R project has been active at UTMN. The goal of the group is to form and develop environmental awareness among students and employees of UTMN. 

Join 5R

Be Organized

The next step in the development of the green movement is establishing the leaders. Dedicated students have a solid vision to make the campus greener. The students worke on implementing green classes into the curriculum, installing waste sorting points on campus, and reducing greenhouse gases. 

Guide to Turning a Campus Green

The book is for professors, managers, and, most importantly, the administration body of the university. The main idea of the guide is to help implement the environmental approach at the university and take specific steps to initiate change and form environmental culture on campus.

The materials presented in the book can help universities form their environmental policy and help introduce environmental practices. The proposed examples are universal and can be adopted in any university or country.

→See the Guide

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