Association of International Students


In 2018 there was created the first in Tyumen region Association of International Students.  

 AIS UTMN:                                                                                                                                        
 Guarantees interaction between students and professors, international students coordinators and
all the Departments of UTMN

 Unites students and postgraduates from foreign countries

  Helps foreign students and postgraduates to take part in social life of UTMN

  Helps to solve social and welfare issues of foreigners

  Enables communication with ethnic diasporas of the Tyumen region

  Realization of potential of foreign students in projects for internalization of UTMN


 Borko Rajovic
 President of AIS UTMN

                                Regional Office

 Tong Quoc Cuong 
 The representative of Vietnam

 Sarah Nady Gerges
 The representative of Arabic countries

 Julien Kouadio Kouadio
 The representative of the African countries


 Whitman Jeffrid Joya Lemus
 The representative of Latin America

 Gulira Taalaybekova
 The representative of Kyrgyz Republic

 Mukhsinjohn Zubaydov
 The representative of Tajikistan

 Ulyana Filina
 The representative of Kazakhstan


 Aliya Tazhibaeva
 The representative of Uzbekistan

                               Buddy UTMN

 Aygerim Sharapova
 Coordinator of the Buddy Program

                               PR office     

 Munira Abdurashidova
 Director of PR office

Ward Alzaghir
PR and advertising manager


Viktor Pyagay
SMM manager

Lyaysan Aydbaeva
Content manager

 Ekaterina Shipunova
 Content manager

 Daniel Peña Tobon

 Ahmad el Maouche
 Photographer, videographer

 Sarah Nadi Gerges
 Photographer, videographer

                               HR office

 Elena Bragina
 Director of HR office


 Abdullah Ibrahim
 International alumni manager    

 Liliya Buyanova
 International alumni manager     

                               Language clubs
  Regina Murzagulova 
  Coordinator of Speaking club: In Russian about everything

 Diana Beketova
 Coordinator of Russian club.School

 Viktoria Mukhtarova
 Coordinator of Russian speaking club for students of Arabic countries

 Ahmed Elghandour
 Coordinator of English speaking club


 Fred Mbani Rudel
 Coordinator of French speaking club


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