Health care and Insurance

Health care and Insurance

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      All foreign citizens shall purchase medical insurance for the entire period of their stay in Russia. A medical insurance policy provides reimbursements for expenses spent on qualified medical assistance and treatment in the event of an insured event. Without a valid medical insurance policy a foreign citizen is not allowed to live in university dormitory. 

   Foreign citizens have the right to acquire medical insurance from any insurance company; however, the most favorable conditions are provided by companies that have won an open competition at the University for the provision of health insurance services. 

   The approximate costs of one year of medical insurance for foreign students valid for one year is 2800 rubles.


ТюменьЯндекс.Карты —поиск мест и адресов, городской транспорт                   

* Медсанчасть is the Medical and Sanitation Department of the University of Tyumen
* Поликлиника №3 is the Municipial Polyclinic №3

Insurance against diseases carried by Ixodid Ticks 

In addition to standard medical insurance, we recommend that students take advantage of the “Anti-tick” insurance program covering medical expenses related to tick bites. Tick-borne illnesses posing a danger to human health and safety are a risk in the Tyumen region, including encephalitis and lime disease (borreliosis) among others.

The cost of the “Anti-tick” medical insurance is 200-300 rubles. The policy is active for a period of one year. 


What kind of medical assistance can foreign citizens obtain on the territory of the Russian Federation? 

In cases of emergency, First Aid is rendered to foreign citizens free of charge and immediately. 
Planned medical assistance is provided for health problems that are not immediately life-threatening. Planned assistance is provided to foreign citizens on a paid basis in accordance with the contract for the provision of paid medical services concluded with a medical institution. 

Emergency medical care will be provided to all who need it; however, you will be reimbursed for all approved medical expenses only if you possess medical insurance. Those who do not purchase this insurance are liable to pay the entire sum of the procedures out of pocket. 

At the time of a medical issue, the international student has the right to apply for emergency help by calling the insurance company. After the call the student will get referrals to the clinic. In order to take advantage of these services, ensure that you have the following documents:

- a passport

- a copy of a notarized translation of your passport into the Russian language

- your health insurance policy

You can learn about the individual work schedules of the doctors by following this link. 
In accordance with the rules of Russian legislation, international citizens who have come to Russia to study are obligated to obtain a medical inspection after their arrival in Tyumen. The Medical examination is conducted with the goal of preemptively stopping infectious diseases that can be dangerous for the environment. The results of this survey are valid for three months. The cost of this inspection is included in the cost of the medical insurance policy. 

254_medical-fluorography-xray-chest-512.pngX-Ray Fluorography Office 
Office Hours
M-Th: 8:00 – 13:00, 14:15-19:00
Sa: 9:00-13:00
Lunch Break: 13:00-14:15
Sunday: closed  
Address: 23/1 Lenin st., office 105 (Municipal Polyclinic № 3)

Без названия.pngTelephone number for calling Medical assistance

- From a landline phone – 03 
- For “Megafon”, “MTS”, “Tele2” subscribers – 030 
- For “Beeline” subscribers – 030 
- For “Yota” subscribners – 103 

If you are in need of urgent medical assistance, you can call number 112. Calls to 112 are free of charge and accessible from landline and mobile telephones. 

We wish you good Siberian health! 
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