UTMN researchers work in more than 30 academic fields, cooperating with research universities throughout the world. More than 15 top schools of science conduct research at UTMN in the following areas: 

  • Mathematical modeling, numerical methods, and programme systems

  • Thermal physics and thermal engineering

  • Chemistry and physicochemical analysis of natural and technogenic systems

  • Physiology

  • Geographical ecology

  • Sociology, vocational education, and social administration

  • Innovative development of education. Methodology of the pedagogical research

  • History of the High Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

  • Ontology and epistemology of art, aesthetic anthropology

  • Interaction of the Russian language with the Turkic, Samoyedic, Finno-Urgic languages in Siberia

  • Constitutional law and municipal law

  • Administrative law, financial law, information law

  • Theory and methods of physical education, athletic training, recreational and adapted physical education

  • Safe and sustainable development of social, ecological and economic systems

  • The modern model of effective business activity and promotion of competitive advantage of social and economic systems


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