Projects and grants

Projects and grants


ERASMUS+ Project 561775-EPP-1-2015-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Trans-Regional Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Usage of Water Resources (TREASURE-WATER)

Grants by the President of Russia 


2015-2016 | Corpus of Tatar folk dialects in Tyumen Region. | Dr. Guzel Faizullina.

2014-2015 | National peculiarities of understanding justice in an era of globalization. | Dr. Gulnara Aitova.

2014-2015 | The Byzantine Commonwealth and Turkic nomads of the pre-Mongol period: research of civilized synthesis space and creating a geo-information system. | Dr. Sergey Kozlov.

2014-2015 | Monitoring and study of multidimensional poverty in Russian regions. | Dr. Dmitry Rudenko.

Russian Science Foundation



2014-2016 | Formation of practice-oriented research activities for teachers in a multilevel university education. | Prof. Dr. Vladimir Zagvyasinskiy.


2014-2016 | The population of arthropod sphagnum associations as a model group for assessment of the historic and environmental factors in proportion to the evolution of communities. |  Dr. Alexander Prokin.

Russian Foundation of Basic Research


2015-2017 | Integrative delimitation of species of the genus Tyrophagus (Acari: Acaridae). | Dr. Pavel Klimov.

2015-2017 | Phylog |eny of mites of the superorder Eupodoidea (Acari: Prostigmata) as a basis for developing its natural system. | Prof. Dr. Alexander Khaustov.

2015-2016 | Phylogenetic systematic of “winged” oribatid mites of the family Galumnidae (Acari, Oribatida). | Dr. Sergey Ermilov.

2014-2016 | Taxonomic diversity and biotopical distribution of oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) in the forests of South Vientam. | Dr. Sergey Ermilov.

2014 | Neuroendocrinological regulation of intestinal activities in humans with muscular and emotional tension due to various psychophysiological peculiarities. | Prof. Dr. Vladimir Solovyev.


2014-2016 | Reconstruction of the hill-hollow relief origin of south Western Siberia. | Dr. Sergey Larin.


2015-2017 | Experimental and theoretical research of observed micro-droplet levitation and conditions of forming stable droplet clusters. | Prof. Dr. Alexander Fedorets.

2014 | Experimental research of micro-scale processes of thermic and mass-transfer under local heating of a thin layer of fluid. | Prof. Dr. Alexander Fedorets.

2014-2015 | Development of the methods of removing nanoparticles from the surface of various texture for experimental applications in microgravitation. | Dr. Natalia Ivanova (joint project with London Royal Society).


2014-2015 | Obtaining and features of selenides of rare elements, 3D-elements as thermoelectrical materials, phase diagrams of the systems Ln - Ln2Se3 (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm, Y, Er). | Dr. Vladimir Kharitontsev.


2014-2015 | Historical and geographical map of South-Western (Old) Siberia: from Middle Ages to the present (XIII-XX centuries). | Dr. Fyodor Korandey.


Russian Foundation for Humanities


2014-2016 | Protecting the rights of a child in a Russian-Finnish family: international standards, cross-cultural differences, constitutional and legal standards. | Prof. Dr. Gennady Chebotaryev.


2014-2016 |  Functioning of Russian model of labor markets in regions of the Russian Federation. | Dr. Marina Giltman.


2014-2015 | From the History to the legend: a comparative study of fragments from epic myths about the Balkan military trip of Svyatoslav in the historical traditions of Byzantium and Ancient Russia. | Dr. Sergey Kozlov.

2014-2015 | The Outpost of Siberia. Tyumen region in travel notes of the New Time (1666-1917): colonial rhetoric, history of texts, historical geography of communications. | Dr. Fyodor Korandey.

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