Scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants


The selection process, number of scholarships and deadlines vary depending on applicant’s country of origin. You can find your local Rossotrudnichestvo office here.


Russian government provides scholarships (quotas) for international applicants. Allocation of quotas is carried out by Rossotrudnichestvo.

Important! Please familiarize yourself with the list of expenses that are and aren’t covered by the scholarship. 

The scholarship covers:

  • tuition fee for the entire duration of the chosen program;

  • maintenance allowance.

  • tuition fee for the Preparatory (Pre-University) program for one year (if needed);

The scholarship does not include:

  • travel costs; living expenses; health insurance;

  • other additional fees, that do not fall under the categories mentioned above. 


In order to apply for the scholarship please visit Education in Russia to access the submission system. The application process is divided into two stages. Follow these steps to apply. 



Register at and fill in the information required.

Submit your portfolio

Submit the necessary documents and other documents confirming your achievements.

Choose a program:

Choose the program you would like to study.


The University of Tyumen is engaged in the second stage of selection. 

This means that UTMN only reviews applications that have passed the first stage, which is Rossotrudnichestvo’s selection process. 

At the first stage of selection, depending on the country, it may be necessary to pass an interview with representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo or a consular office of the Russian Federation, as well as to pass a qualifying examination test. Many foreign countries distribute scholarships independently and collect the approved candidates’ applications and other paperwork when preparing for the second stage.

Once the application has been approved, the candidate will receive an educational invitation, which allows him to be enrolled in the university of their choice without additional exams. Through the candidates can request a student visa at the Russian Embassy.

Note for applicants who have failed or chose not to apply for a government scholarship consider self-funding option. Education and living costs in Russia compared to the U.S. or Europe rates are significantly lower.

Self-financed studies

Please see the Degree Programs page or the Preparatory Program page for more information about tuition fees.

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