Innovative technologies

The University of Tyumen's Innovations Infrastructure has been formed as a result of the implementation of the "Progress of the University of Tyumen's Innovation Infrastructure for the effective development of the Western Siberian resources" Programme, carried out in accordance with the RF Government Decree №219 from April 9, 2009.

Innovation Infrastructure is demonstrated as follows:

ckprf-logo2.png Centre of Chemical Analysis and Substance Identification 
ckprf-logo2.png Centre of Structural Analysis of Natural Objects and Nanosystems
ckprf-logo2.png High-performance Computing Centre
ckprf-logo2.png Centre of Functional for Teaching Nanomaterials

Engineering Centre
Centre for Industrial Engineering and Geoinformatics 
eco.png "Ecology" Scientific and Technical Centre
Centre for Biotechnology and Gene Diagnostics

Centre for Teach-in Nanomaterials and Memristor Systems
Centre for New IT-Solutions
Business Incubator
Prototyping Centre (FabLab)
Centre for Ecological Education

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