About University of Tyumen


University of Tyumen is one of the most rapidly developing universities in Russia.

Our mission: to train personnel able to design new professional activities, transform the social environment, and create effective businesses in the context of global competition.

Our strategy: to create a new-generation university through the reorganization of its human resources policy, its core assets (educational, research, innovative) and institutional environment, and by means of comprehensive upgrading of infrastructure.

University of Tyumen, founded in 1930, is one of the largest universities in Russia and one of the leading universities of the prosperous oil-producing Tyumen region. It counts more than 27,000 students, around 2,000 of them come from other countries. 

The number of international students is growing year by year. In 2018, students from Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Vietnam, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Israel, Iraq, Yemen, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, Serbia, Syria, Sudan, America, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turkey, France, Chad were enrolled in core UTMN programmes. 

International students can learn the Russian language at the Preparatory Department


UTMN combines traditional classical education and modern tendencies: individualised educational trajectories, courses in English, transdisciplinary approach. Due to its constant development, the University was included into the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 aimed to improve the prestige of Russian higher education and bring at least five universities from among the project participants into the hundred best universities in the world according to the three most authoritative world rankings: QS, THE and ARWU.

The University offers Bachelor, Master and Postgraduate degrees including 175 academic majors and 95 elective courses. Furthermore, it offers 6 courses of Joint diploma in Law, Economics, Mathematics and Linguistics in cooperation with the Universities of Lorraine, Strasbourg, Toulouse Jean-Jaures (France) and Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan). Teaching at the University stands out due to its highly skilled specialists, 1200 professors and lecturers, 70% of whom have doctoral degrees. 

In 2018, UTMN's achievements were recognised by several prestigious international organisations: the University was included in QS EECA ranking. Read more about UTMN in facts and figures here

The UTMN's present promising role in the development of Russia, the region and the economic sector can be summed up as follows: 1) creation of environment for training of world-level professionals for leading Russian companies, working in exploration, production, transportation and processing of raw hydrocarbons; 2) performing as the center for development and approval of advanced technologies in social areas and liberal arts; 3)  testing ground for reorganization of a regional university into the University of a new generation, competitive among global educational and research centers.

UTMN's campus is located in the historical part of the city, consisting of 13 institutes, Technology park, Information and Library Centre, publishing house, medical unit, gyms, and centre of University feeding.  


UTMN offers to its students, guests and visiting professors accommodation in 4 comfortable halls of residence, located in the historical centre of Tyumen. There are single-, double, - triple rooms, in-apartment kitchen, en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi and lounge rooms. All rooms come fully furnished with everything needed to make them conducive to studying and comfortable for living. 

Watch the latest photos of the UTMN campus here.

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