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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Obtain and bring the following health certificates to get settled into the dormitory of UTMN: 

1) The result of chest photofluorography (Chest X-ray) 
2) The results of hepatitis blood test 
3) The results of HIV blood test 
4) The vaccination certificate (information on all vaccinations made)
*The health certificates, except for the vaccination certificate, must be obtained not earlier than 6 month before arrival

From August 24, 2021, check-in at the dormitories is possible only upon presentation of the test result for the presence of class G (IgG) antibodies to COVID-19 (the validity of such a test result is 30 days) or confirmation of the vaccination against COVID-19.

According to the recommendations, arriving foreign students must take the test for COVID-19 by PCR method twice:

  • The first test is taken no earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival in the Russian Federation;
  • The second test must be passed within 72 hours after entering the Russian Federation. The organization of the second test will be provided by the university.

*Medical documents confirming a negative result can be provided in Russian or in English. 

Be aware of a 14-day quarantine in the UTMN dormitory or at your place of recidence in Tyumen after your arrival. The quarantine period will be terminated after you receive your second COVID-19 test results.
The quarantine requires that you stay in the room during these days, with no possibility to leave the room until you pass the medical check-up when quarantine period ends. Be sure that you have all necessary things for this period: clothes, food, electronic devises, etc.
You will get help and support from the University during the quarantine. Thus, we recommend you to always stay in touch and write your emails to in case you have any concerns.

 Prepare for bringing to Tyumen 4 photographs (3x4 cm) to receive your student documents.

Be aware of the climate conditions of Tyumen beforehand. Make sure that you have all the necessary warm clothes or be ready to buy them after your arrival in Russia. 
You can learn more about Tyumen on the official UTMN website.

Agree on the date of arrival to Russia with UTMN before buying the road tickets by filling in the form after obtaining your visa invitation in order to receive further arrival instructions.
As soon as you get your road ticket to Tyumen, send your arrival information to ISSS office (International Students and Scholar Services): The ISSS team will arrange your check-in to the dormitory and help with further instructions. 

In case you need help of Buddy - indicate this in your message to ISSS.

Get ready to obtain your medical insurance:
Look through the list of insurance options and choose the insurance company to buy the medical policy the next day after your arrival. Prepare the corresponding sum of money to pay the insurance.

Exchange a small sum of money at the airport to have Russian rubles with you or use you bank card to pay.

Due to the epidemic situation in world (Covid-19) the university pick-up service is currently unavailable. So, be aware of how to get to your dormitory from the airport or railway station.


Check out the living expenses in Tyumen. 
Did you know that cost of living index in Tyumen is around 20% lower than in Moscow?

Average prices in Tyumen:
 1. Accommodation in a UTMN dormitory
                               in a rental apartment
   1 800 - 3 500 RUB (per month)
   15 000 - 20 000 RUB (per month) 
 2. Medical insurance for 1 year    2 300 - 2 800 RUB        
 3. Food and drinks:
     a restaurant meal
     a meal in UTMN canteen
     water (0.33 liter bottle)
     a loaf of fresh white bread (500g)
   600 RUB
   200 RUB
   120 RUB 
   27 RUB
   30 RUB    
 4. Communication:
     prepaid mobile SIM card
     internet connection (60+ Mbps, unlimited data)
   250 - 400 RUB
   500 - 700 RUB     
 5. Transportation:
     a one-way bus ticket 
     a one-way bus ticket for students
     taxi 1km  
   28 RUB 
   14 RUB
   18 RUB
 6. Fitness Club (per month)    2000 RUB
 7. Cultural life and entertainment (1 ticket):   
     hot springs    
   200 - 1000 RUB
   0 - 300 RUB
   200 - 400 RUB
   600 - 900 RUB
   500 - 700 RUB
   900 - 1800 RUB
   600 - 1400 RUB 

Use the online currency converter to check the Russian Ruble
exchange rate and calculate the prices in other currency.

Download your After arrival checklist to be sure you implement the recommendations for UTMN students of:

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