Semester Abroad

University of Tyumen offers students a unique opportunity to take part in various international programs organized in cooperation with foreign partners. Every year, students complete educational internships in Germany and Norway, Estonia and China, Italy and Japan, Serbia and Belarus, Mexico and other countries.

The Program of International Academic Mobility of Students, implemented within the framework of cooperation agreements between UTMN and partner universities (Student Exchange Program or Semester Abroad), provides UTMN students with the opportunity to study at a foreign university for one or two semesters free of charge.

Every student can take part in this program. Worth remembering that a semester or year abroad involves careful planning. The first step is to take enough time to set a goal. Evaluate how much time you want to spend abroad; in which country you are academically and culturally interested; in which language and what do you want to study?

Before applying for the Program, we recommend that you read the Regulations, the Memo on the procedure for participation, the education programs on the official websites of partner universities and additional files.

By participating in the Student Exchange Program, you do not pay for tuition, but you cover the remaining expenses yourself (accommodation, food, transport).

The UTMN Center for International Education team will be happy to help you at any stage of preparation for a trip to another country: from discussing ideas, finding the necessary information and contacts with those students who have already participated in the Program, to collecting documents. Our task is to take into account all the goals of a student who wants to gain experience in international education.

The application for participation in the Student Exchange Program is completed online from February 1 to 28 (for studying in the fall semester) and from September 1 to 30 (for studying in the spring semester).

The decision on the application is made by UTMN and the host university based on your academic success and willingness to spend a productive semester abroad. Students with a high level of academic performance and knowledge of the language of the host university have a preferential right to participate. After reviewing the application, you will be invited for an interview.

Participants of the Student Exchange Program of previous years note that the result of participation in the Program was the expansion of employment prospects, increasing the level of professional knowledge, exploring a new culture and deeper knowledge of the native one, improving foreign language skills, making new friends, etc.

We invite you to take part in a series of panel discussions and presentations of the possibilities of the Student Exchange Program, the schedule of which you can find in the Semester Abroad VK group.

Fill out an application for participation in the student exchange!


Center for International Education

Elizaveta Repina, Outgoing Mobility Coordinator

Tatiana Matrosova, Director

Tel.: +7 (3452) 597-407


23 Lenina St., Room 202


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