Buddy Program

University of Tyumen has developed a strong orientation and adaptive support system for international students. Buddies assist students with socialization and adaptation to the cultural environment of our university and city. On the day of arrival, the Buddy will meet the international student at the airport (or at the railway) and help them get settled into the dormitory and lead an excursion around the campus. During the first year of their studies, the international student may turn to their Buddy with any questions and obtain any consultation or help as needed. 

Evgeny Bruev.jpgCoordinator of the Buddy Program

Evgeny Bruev 

Buddy's Position Responsibilities & Duties

• Welcome new students and scholars to the university
• Facilitate small group meetings
• Serve as a role model and mentor
• Provide newcomers with perspective on the university student experience
• Facilitate entertainment programs during select orientation programs
• Lead campus tours
• Attend & fully participate in staff training
• General administrative duties, including assisting presenters, check in and program duties

Skills and Expectations

• Strong communication skills, patience and professionalism are essential
• Ability to work well as a team
• Display an awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusivity
• Be highly motivated and have strong leadership skills
• Be willing to step outside comfort zone and try new experiences

Buddy Checklist

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