Undergraduate programs in Russia include Bachelor's degree and Specialist degree programs. They all are given in Russian. Please follow the links to see the Russian description of the programs.

Institute of Philology and Journalism
Teacher Education (the Russian language and literature)

Institute of History and Political Sciences
International Relations
Pedagogical Education in History
Documentation Studies

Institute of State and Law
State and Municipal Management
Legal Support of National Security

Institute of Finance and Economics
Sociology (about)
The BA in Sociology will provide you with a thorough grounding in research methods, theory and a variety of practical areas. Throughout your degree you’ll be getting to grips with contemporary and topical issues in society – areas where our academics are conducting research at the cutting-edge. You will develop transferable skills as well as more traditional academic competencies. Flexibility underpins our degree structure, which means that you will get to shape your degree to suit your own interests and career aspirations. Whichever direction you choose, you will be taught by enthusiastic scholars who are keen to share their expertise with you. We provide many opportunities for you to enhance your degree. Under expert and supportive supervision you can conduct your own chosen sociological research project. You will collect data in the field, analyse it and write it up. You can also choose to study abroad, a great way of broadening your horizons and experiencing a different academic climate.
Economic Security

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Information Systems and Technologies
Applied Informatics
Information Security of Computerized Systems
Computer Security
Mathematical Software and Information Systems Administration
Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling
Pedagogical Education in Mathematics
Mechatronics and Robotics (about)
Nowadays leading scientists and engineers are engaged in the development and design of robots and systems that can replace human labor and automate complex technological processes. If you choose the program "Mechatronics and Robotics", you will not only gain the current knowledge and profession, but also learn to make innovative discoveries and create unique projects.

Institute of Chemistry

Institute of Physics and Technology
Technical Physics

Institute of Biology
Bioengineering and Bioinformatics (about)
This program is designed to train specialists who are engaged in research work in the field of bioengineering, bioinformatics and genetic engineering. Bioengineering and bioinformatics are the most promising and in demand directions in modern biology. Only 5 universities in Russia are preparing graduates of this direction and among such universities is University of Tyumen. Leading scientists of the Institute of Physicochemical Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after Belozersky and teachers of the Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University will teach special disciplines. Upon completing the Programme, you will: 1) independently carry out theoretical and experimental research work in the field of bioengineering, bioinformatics and related disciplines; 2) master the methods of experimental work with cells and mathematical methods of processing the results of biological research, the basics of bioengineering, necessary for the creation of bioengineering objects; 3) to find and use information accumulated in databases on the structure of genomes, proteins and other biological information; 4) engage in pedagogical activities in the field of bioengineering, bioinformatics and related disciplines on the basis of knowledge of the principles of pedagogical activity; 5) to carry out organizational and managerial activities in the field of bioengineering, bioinformatics and related disciplines; 6) to carry out industrial and technological activities in the field of bioengineering, bioinformatics and related disciplines. Graduates of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics are constantly demanded in novel and modern industries and research institutes.

Institute of Earth Sciences
Cartography and Geoinformatics
Ecology and Management of Natural Resources

Institute of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences
Speech Pathology Education
Pedagogical Education (Primary Education)
Pedagogical Education (Arts)
Pedagogical Education (Child Development)

Institute of Physical Education
Physical Education
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