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Evgenii Kolunin, PhD
Acting Director of the Institute of Physical Education

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The main goal of the Institute of Physical Education is to provide the training of highly qualified personnel to work in the field of physical education and sports. Trainers use up-to-date educational technologies, a solid material base, and faculty research and teachings to realize these goals. Other projects of paramount importance include: the training of sportsmen for Russian national teams in various sports ensuring their social adaptation after finishing sporting career, and the establishment of social partnerships within state, municipal, and organizational authorities that work in sport in order to improve the sphere of physical education.

Students of the Institute of physical Education specialize in the following activities: training technologies in athletics, sporting events, swimming, ski racing and biathlon, theory and methodology of physical education, management in the field of physical education and sport, and physical recreation. Faculty include 86 teachers (including 6 PhD professors), 16 candidates of science, three honored physical education workers, and 30 masters of sports certified in Russia and during the USSR. Among the graduate students include Russian winners of the Olympic Games as well as other European and global contests. The Institute opened its program “Theory and technique of physical and sport training, recreational and adaptive physical education” in which 12 graduate students are enrolled.    

The Institute is constantly streamlining its resources for student educational needs, research, and sport activities, including a recently-upgraded academic building and a new suburban recreational sports camp. All sports facilities are packed with the equipment necessary to conduct training sessions and competitions. There are five departments in the Institute: the Department of Sports Disciplines, the Skiing department, the Department of Physical Education and Sport, the Department of Physical Education, and the Center for the Theory of Health and Physical Education (the former department of PE training).

The Institute aims to analyze and develop vectors numerous fields including modern higher physical education, high performance within mass and youth-sport programs, the implementation of popular and high-quality educational programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Furthermore, the Institute is working to ensure that skilled sportsmen can adapt into professional society after they finish their sporting careers.



The Tyumen Pedagogical School of Physical Education was founded in 1949. After the integration with Tyumen Pedagogical School in 1955, it was renamed to the Department of Physical Education. In 1988, it acquired the name of Tyumen Pedagogical School of Physical Education again, and in 1993 was reorganized within the Pedagogical College. The Department of Physical Education of UTMN was formed on the basis of Tyumen Pedagogical School of Physical Education in 1990. In 2005 the department became UTMN’s Institute of Physical Education.

Over the years, the Faculty and the Institute was headed by:

1991 - 2000, Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor V.N. Potapov,

2000 - 2005, the Candidate of Pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor P.G. Smirnov,

2005 – present, Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor V.N. Zuev.


Among the institute’s students and staff include Olympic champions two three-time biathletes (G. Kukleva and A. Ahatova), as well as World and European Championship winners: N. Gushina, K. Barulin P. Vavilov, A. Volkov, E. Shishkin, D. Maslov, Bezikova, Yu. Makarov , E. Garanichev, N. Poluhin, T. Maltsev, M. Pirogov, G. Nikolaichuk, D. Spitsov. Of course, this is not a complete list of successful Tyumen athletes.    

Nonetheless, the XXII Winter Olympic Games held in Sochi between February 7 and 23 2014 was the major sporting event for the Institute of Physical Education.  

Student Evgenii Belov (skiing) and Evgenii Garanichev (biathlon) were both honored to participate and represent the Russian national team. Evgenii Garanichev won a bronze medal in the 20 km individual race.  

Our students also took part in the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, held from 7 to 16 March 2014. Nicholai Poluhin (a two-time winner in 15 km relay and mixed relay biathlon) won silver medals at 7.5 and 12.5 km biathlon relay. Tatiana Maltseva and Maxim Pirogov (a two-time silver medal winner in cross-country skiing and biathlon bronze medal winner) represented the Russian national team as well.

Notable students and postgraduates include S. Savin, S. Shubenkov, S. Sviridov, M. Ganihin, P. Trenihin brilliantly played for the team of the Russian Federation at the XXVΙΙ Summer Universiade in Kazan.

As a representative of Russian volleyball team, Sergei Savin became a winner of the XXVΙΙ Summer Universiade.

Having stood the fierce competition with the best athletes in the world, S. Sviridov and S. Shubenkov got onto the podium with a silver medal and a bronze one.

The Russian national team successfully participated in the XXVΙ World Winter Universiade, held in Trentino (Italy), and won the team competition due to a number of gold medals and the total number of medals.

The following students from our institute also added to the Russian national team’s medal collection: L. Kuznetsova (a gold medal, biathlon), A. Mingalyov (a silver medal, biathlon), D. Elhin (a bronze medal, biathlon), E. Oschepkova (a gold medal, cross-country skiing), A. Almukov.

At the ΙΙΙ all-Russia Winter Universiade (Izhevsk) the team of the University of Tyumen, represented by Tyumen students, won the first prize.

Furthermore, the University of Tyumen won first prize for the best mass sports and recreational activities arrangement, according to the 2013 results at the annual municipal review competition among universities which was organized by the Tyumen Sport and Youth Policy Department.  

At the regional competition “Sport Elite 2013”, a UTMN sport club won the title of “Best Sport Club.”  

Tallying all of the results, University of Tyumen athletes have won 322 medals, 79 from international competitive awards, while five UTMN students were awarded the title “Honored Master of Sports of Russia”, three students named “International class Master of Russian Sports” and 23 students qualified as “Masters of Russian Sports.”  

Such success is emblematic of our institute.  


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