During the education Bachelor of Mathematics develops a special way of thinking and becomes capable of solving tasks in different fields of human activities. With the help of software and computer devices one may develop ways of solving problems related to information in the field of technology, economics, management. Mathematician structures the information, its quantity, and ways of input. Likewise,one is engaged in checking complete programs and manual composition for the usage. The area of activities encompasses analysis of economic situation, development of methods to improve the situation and formation of statistics. Analysis of the economic situation performs with the help of Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics.

Academic level of Bachelor allows discovering solutions for mathematical tasks, process and analyse obtained research data using the latest methods of analysis, get data by experimental studies.

A graduate who has received education in the field of Mathematics specialise in design and development activities, manage production processes, work in the fields of computer systems and artificial intelligence.

Mathematics is a direction which allows to choose a future job out of various options:

  •  Analyst
  • systems programmer
  • applied mathematician
  • math professor
  • professor
  • actuary
  • Mathematical economist

Characteristics of the program:
Institute Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Degree awarded Bachelor’s degree
Qualification awarded Bachelor
Direction code 01.03.01
Entrance examination The Russian language - 40
Maths - 39
Information Technology - 42
Priority of the entrance examination Maths, Information Technology, The Russian language
Mode of study Full time
Duration of study 4 years
Tuition fee 171 600 RUB
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