Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Igor Chubarov, PhD, senior researcher, Russian Academy of Sciences
Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities

Address: 9 Respubliki st./23 Lenina st., Tyumen   
Tel.: 007 (3452) 59-74-00, ext. 11711


Department of Russian Language 
Department of General Linguistics 
Department of Russian Literature 
Department of Foreign Literature 
Department of the English Language 
Department of English Philology 
Department of Translation and Translation Studies
Department of French Philology 
Department of German Philology 
Department of Publishing 
Department of History and Theory of Journalism 
Department of Journalistic Skills 
Department of Philosophy 
Center for Linguistic Education
Center of Adaptation and Testing
Department of Politics
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Russian History
Department of Modern History and International Affairs
Department of Archaeology, Ancient World and Medieval Studies
Department of Documentation Studies
Laboratory for Historical Geography and Regionalistics
Laboratory for Archaeology

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Bachelor Programs





Teacher Education (the Russian language and literature)


International Relations (some disciplines are English)

Pedagogical Education in History

Documentation Studies


Master Programs

Philology: "The Russian language", "Russian Literature", "Comparative studies ", "Russian as a foreign language"

Linguistics - "Theory of teaching languages and cultures"


Double Degree Programs

In 2015, the University of Tyumen and the University of Toulouse Jean Jaures signed an agreement on the joint implementation of the program of double diplomas "Professional, interpretation and media translation" At the end of the program students defend the thesis of master. 


PhD Programs

Russian literature

Theory of Literature. Text analysis

Russian Language

Languages of the Peoples of the Russian Federation (Tatar)

Language Theory

Comparative-historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics

Applied and Mathematical Linguistics

Ontology and Epistemology

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Institute of Philology and Journalism  

Institute of History and Political Sciences  

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