PhD programs

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Tuition fee (RUB, year)

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences 01.06.01 Mathematics and Mechanics Substantial, Complex and Functional Analysis/ Mechanics of Liquid, Gas and Plasma 178 035
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences 09.06.01 Information and Computer Science Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs  184 572
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences 10.06.01 Information Security Methods and Systems of Information Protection, Data Security  184 572
Institute of Finance and Economics 38.06.01 Economics Economic Theory/ Economics and Management of National Economy/ Finances, Monetary Circulation and Credit/ Accounting and Statistics  178 035
Institute of Finance and Economics 39.06.01 Sociology Economic Sociology and Demography/ Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes  178 035
Institute of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences 37.06.01 Psychological Sciences General Psychology, Psychology of Person, History of Psychology/ Social Psychology/ Pedagogical Psychology 178 035
Institute of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences 44.06.01 Education and Pedagogical Sciences General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogical Education/ Defectology/ Theory and Technique of Physical Training, Sports Training, Health-Improving and Adaptive Physical Education 178 035
Institute of Physics and Technology 03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy Theoretical Physics/ Radiophysics/ Optics/ Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heating Engineering/ Physics and Nanostructures Technology/ Atomic and Molecular Physics  184 572
Institute of Chemistry 04.06.01 Chemical Sciences Analytical Chemistry/ Physical Chemistry/ Petrochemistry 
184 572
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities 45.06.01 Linguistics and Literature Studies Russian Literature/ Foreign Literature (Western Europe and Northern American Literature)/ Literary Theory. Textology/ Russian Language/ Languages of the Russian Federation Nationalities (Tatar Language)/ Language Theory/ Comparative-Historical, Typological and Comparative Linguistics/ Applied and Mathematical Linguistics  178 035
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities 46.06.01 History andArchaelogy Russian History/ Global History/ Archaeology/ Historiography, Source Study, Methods of Historical Research  178 035
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities 47.06.01 Philosophy, Ethics, Religion Studies Ontology and Theory of Knowledge  178 035
Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities 51.06.01 Cultural Studies Theory and History of Culture  178 035
Institute of State and Law 40.06.01 Law Theory and History of Law and State; History of Studies about Law and State/ Constitutional Law; Constitutional Proceedings, Municipal Law/ Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; Private International Law/ Nature Resource Law; Agricultural Law; Ecological Law/ Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal Executive Law/ International Law; European Law/ Criminalistics, Forensic Science, Efficient-Searching Activity/ Administrative Law, Administrative Procedure  178 035
Institute of Biology 06.06.01 Biological Sciences Biochemistry/ Zoology/ Ichthyology/ Physiology/ Ecology (Biology)/ Parasitology/ Biotechnology (Biological Nanotechnologies)/ Entomology/ Mycology/ Edaphology  184 572
Institute of Earth Sciences 05.06.01 Earth Sciences Physical Geography and Biogeography, Geography of Soils and Geochemistry of Landscapes/ Economical, Social, Political and Recreational Geography/ Land Management, Cadastre and Land Monitoring/ Geoecology (Earth Sciences)  184 572
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